11 February 2011

02 February 2011

The Modern Age

31 January 2011

Edmund Wilson in Talcottville

For many years I'd annually drive from Ithaca or Aurora to Talcottville, New York, to put myself in the proximal harmonies of Edmund Wilson's stone house, chiefly because Fred Exley had recommended this in the second volume of his trilogy. As an expedient in re-generating enthusiasm for literary criticism, it was invaluable and faultless. I've not been there in a few years now. LUCIDITY FORCE EASE.

31 December 2010

Richard Farina in Paris

Peter Kahn (David Grun), Jim McConkey, Gnossos Papadopoulos, Richard Farina.
If survival can be accomplished...
Before London and Paris, there was Ithaca.

28 December 2010

Jean Seberg

25 December 2010